Monday, November 15, 2010

New Garden Pick

Here's the first bit of painting I have done since our move to South Australia.  I am using an easel space in Jacqueline Coates' Salon Rouge gallery...grateful to be able to do so.  OUr rented house has no good light and no space for me to paint.  Salon Rouge is a very supportive space too, with many paintings and people coming by to look at them...a very creative place.

The subject here is some lovely lilies from our new garden !  These have been pretty for sometime and are on their way out now. But I managed to find three flowers (and no more--late season for these !) in good enough shape to paint.

This painting is in oils.  Started on Sunday afternoon.

First, sketching it in.

And developing the painting.

Done for the day.  But, I don't like that leaf (which really was there, belongs to another flower in the same vase, not featured
in the its leaf really needs to go to).

Today I did a bit more on this, and have edited out that leaf.  Plus, I added a lot more  to the petals of the flower.  Before finishing up, I made the background less blue grey...and I like it better.  It could become a different color, but for now, this is ok for me to work on the flowers, the vase, etc.

Next painting session will add some thicker oil paint for more texture.

Well, it has now been a month since Ian and I moved to "the country.".  On reflection I realise what a change it is to move from a suburb of a city of more than 4 million to a charming country town so small it has no intersection traffic signals (though there is one pedestrian light at middle of town, but only on when a pedestrian wants to use it).  The renovations are happening, and are at a rather messy stage.  Ian has been removing thick stone walls and it is not fun, neat or easy.

Meantime, things are looking really bloomy around here,  Roses are everywhere and bushes and branches absolutely full of roses in full bloom in every color.  Here are a couple of lovely David Austin roses from the new garden.

And the verandah, with pink, orange and yellow roses blooming out front.

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