Thursday, August 5, 2010

Audits in Santiago

I have been incommunicado for a few weeks...sorry about that. I was on business travel again, defending a set of security audits. It always takes a lot of energy and effort and it is hard to keep up with the blog during the audits. Happily, we were successful.

In between preparing and sitting the audits, my friend and colleague Thom and I set out on a crisp and sunny clear Saturday morning to look around in downtown Santiago. First we walked through the Central Market, which is at its bustling brightest on a Saturday morning. Thom had real camera kit with him and his pics are probably better than mine. But I always have fun. I am adding to my photo database and now have a nice collection of brightly colored and richly textured market shots of produce for inspirations. I will be doing a market-inspired series of paintings when I finish two more floral compositions.

Some of these pics are pretty straightforward. But there were some interesting and less ordinary things seen too. The photo with American flag is one, apparently the flags are used as covers and wrappers for market produce, like a tarp. I know American readers might not be too impressed, but this is a different place and that is what we saw.

Santiago has more than a big share of dogs running about, but the market also has resident cats. Like this market cat, sitting atop a perch of potato bags, surveying the passers by.

Other photos below and also the two top shots are of the area between the market and heading towards and into an area known as Bella Vista. It has a very colourful character and style. Little nightclubs, restaurants and bars. Though not open during the day time when we passed through. Lovely mosaic artworks laid into the footpath (sidewalk). Creative painted old buildings with fun colours, painted patterns, and murals on them.
And last but not least, a cute shop cat seen wearing a red fleece cape to keep out the winter chill, carefully fastened around its neck, collar fashion. It was sitting on top of space blanket like reflective covers (over piles of clothes or things in the shop).

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