Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Adventure

This past few weeks Ian and I have been preparing for a new adventure. We have now sold our home (just official this week) and will be moving interstate. And we have just found a new home. We did a lot of the looking and selling and buying decisions and such while I was overseas in South America and now we are finishing up the papers and things are really set in motion as of now.

The house is fabulously solid with a gorgeous outlook, though needing some work inside and out back--a real renovation project. It is a 110-year old blue stone villa style home, located in the Barossa Valley of South Australia. Real wine country, and in a small town called Angaston, which is looking very lush and green at the moment, having enjoyed some winter rains lately.

Ian and I were just there and we snapped a few photos. The branch of blossoms above is from the front garden, and is just lovely with its bright pinky flowers on winter branches. I am not sure what sort of plant it is yet !

I will share more later, as our project and adventure unfolds. This will be a real honest to goodness renovation, to bring this home back to a gracious state and make it our home. We will probably get some temporary rental digs for a time and I will call in at Jacqueline Coates' Salon Rouge for my painting while we do the renovations. Meantime, my next thoughts are planning our move campaign, a multi stage move we will do in October.

More soon !

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