Sunday, July 11, 2010

One More

I decided to do one more painting of golden roses. One has been completed. One is started and in progress in the Western Studio. And one is started here just today.

I did a good bit of work on it. A different composition than the others. But some of the same flowers are in it, plus a few more. I also decided to work on a larger canvas this time, 30" x 40".

Here are some in progress shots. I missed using New Gamboge, a new pigment I have in the Western Studio. I will have to order an extra tube to have sent there, to bring back at end of the month, when I will be passing through there. New Gamboge is a perfect color for these golden roses paintings. Not too yellow, not too orange, transparent and good for creating glowing glazing layers--just right !

It is amazing to see how adding the dark greens in these compositions really makes the flowers "pop".

More tomorrow and Wednesday. I will do a small bit of painting on this before I leave. I like to leave a painting in progress at home on the easel when I leave to travel. Great to consider what to do while I am away. Nice to return to, beckoning me to paint.

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