Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Floral: Work in Progress

Hi there ! I continue slow work during the week, around work appointments, on the floral composition. Actually have not touched the flowers, am working on the urn/vase. It is coming along and needs a few subtle but important perspective corrections to its base. In the spirit of sharing the learning and development process, I share the following with you. It is amazing to find these "to-do's." Just looking at the canvas casually (without thinking about this), I feel like I do not see them. But I know to look for this based on working on my perspective detail, especially properties about ellipses (a weak point of mine, so I need to inspect and check for it). This is a tricky area I just do not (yet !) intuitively or automatically "see" or get right. Though by doing some study and also some metrics I can find it and know it is something I always need to look and check in my work. Maybe it is some comfort that there is always something to work harder on and to strive for !

So be patient and kind--I have not fixed it yet. (look for a future post for a pic with the corrections !) After the correction, the flowers will be next to work on.

Meantime: here is more wall painting in a vivid color. The feature wall of the studio guest suite. Color credit: Pomodoro by Porter's Paints. This color was absolutely exciting to see on the wall and to go up. Rich, deep and warm. A sophisticated red with a great personality that gets along with neutrals. A great mixer with Dreamy Teal in the Studio kitchenette (which can be seen through the doorway.

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