Friday, August 14, 2009


Hello there, almost feeling like Springtime here in Sydney, in the day time warmth anyway (nights are still chilly). I have gotten a bit of paint time in this week. Here is what I have been working on--the pink floral composition. I have made the correction to the base of the urn the flowers sit in and it looks ever so much better. When I compared with the previous photo (see previous post to see that), it really is an improvement. It was not a big effort to do the basic fix, but I also spent time improving the detail and color on the urn. It is almost done, just very subtle touch ups to make at this point.

I started work on the flowers, only second pass so really a lot to do yet. But the basic color key is there. If I get enough done on this, or finish this painting tomorrow (Saturday), then I will go back to work on Lion #2 again. He waits patiently.

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