Saturday, July 14, 2012

The more you see

Not long ago I had an opportunity to do some painting from photographic reference, supporting a friend who needed some work done at her direction, a specific short project with particular parameters about what and how it should be completed.  Here is one I did of hay bales, apparently they were photographed in France.  Below are some snaps showing how this developed in the course of the day.  This was worked in acrylics on a framed canvas of about 76 x 51 cm (approx).

The project took one short painting day.  From about 10AM to a  hard stop at 230P, to pack up and then head out for a late afternoon/evening work shift of appointments and meetings.  Perhaps it looks easier than it really is.  In fact, (for me, still) it requires good concentration and discipline to complete something like this in a day.  But I can do it, and I keep an eye every so often on where I am in my work, so I can keep a good pace and adjust if need be to bring things in, completed and on time.   This particular day was quite cold, so I worked all day wearing my old fave barn coat (yes, it does have paint splodged on it, not the first time it's happened !).  Note to self:  wear warmer foot wear next time, maybe the hiking boots !!

I still think it is funny that the big hay bale here is facing straight at the viewer, while the ones in the background are at a slight angle, along the curved furrows seen in the pasture scene.  But that is how the photo reference composition had it, so my painting reflects it.  As before when I painted hay bales, they look So Easy.  But I can tell you, there is a bit more to them than one thinks.  You might be surprised to learn that the big hay bale in the foreground got a fair bit of attention, to give it more dimension, more life, and richer colour.  Possibly an hour of the total work session ?  I probably could have worked all afternoon on just it !

The more you look, the more you see.  A lesson to consider and contemplate.  Still, it is good practice to work with discipline and to a time table.  Overworking a painting is the enemy of a fresh result.  All in all, I am happy with these hay bales.

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