Monday, July 9, 2012

Dinner & Dessert

Its winter here and I have been trying out some new recipes.

First, here is a stunning accompaniment to wintry meats and stews.  Brussels sprouts have been on sale locally and look fabulous.  Cut in half and stir fried in a bit of olive oil and then caramelised with a tablespoon of vinocotto and a tablespoon of low sodium soy sauce, they are outstanding.  Serve with freshly cracked pepper.

brussels sprouts cooked in vinocotto
and low sodium soy sauce
If you haven't heard of or used vinocotto, check this link out for more info.  (You can find other links and info on line too, I just picked one to get you started !)  It is fabulous stuff and very versatile.  I hear it makes a fantastic glaze for salmon or fish.  I can vouch for it being excellent on baked fruit too--yum !  Well worth investigation and experimentation.

And a new dessert.  A cranberry upside down cake.  At the bottom of the pie-shaped glass baking dish I used frozen cranberries, with a layer of crunchy pecans over them.  And then a butter based batter gets poured over all that.  The same concept as a pineapple upside down cake.  Bake it up and when done, turn over and release from the baking dish.  It was really lovely, and served up deliciously with vanilla ice cream !
cranberry upside down cake, a stunner  and delicious !

Happy eating !  (me, I am doing my best to stay warm, but not gain weight over the winter time.  It is taking getting myself out in the chill to work out.  So far so good !)

Next Post:   a new painting exercise.

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