Monday, October 24, 2011

Bounty in the Garden

A short post before the next work trip.  Seems like two previous to this have blurred into this departure--tomorrow !

Meantime, the garden is looking beautiful, though it will take another two years to get it where we truly want it.  Here is a quick peek at what spring has brought us.

Stunning broccoli and broad beans.  We have heaps of broccoli and have harvested some already, as shown here.  Broad beans we tried a few weeks ago, but they were not yet ready.  Now they are.  Lovely and very tasty.  Though a fair bit of work to remove from pod and then shell !  The bowl below shows them out of the pod, but before coming out of their soft shell casings.

The roses are putting on lots of buds after their big winter prune (chop ! way! back !).  The early blooms are shown here, collected in a trug basket, which is perfect for harvesting flowers and veggies.  Many colours and beautiful flowers.  I made up a couple vases of the flowers. Multi colour and also reds+pinks shown.   Also some pretty white ones called Glamis Castle, a David Austin variety I just planted this winter.  Lovely big flowers, with a delicate scent.

All the roses arrangements turned out stunning and lovely.  Though they had to go out on the front verandah table, to keep Winston from over enthusiastic rose grazing.

More in mid spring, when I get home from this last biz trip of the year.

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