Thursday, March 17, 2011

Inspiration for New Palette

This week I have found the inspiration for a new colour palette I want to use for the next stage of our renovation.  The back extension project, which will have a 2d bathroom, permanent laundry, very small extra guest room, and a sun room.  Adding in the small bedroom is a new idea, and a very good one.  Just room for a day bed or sofa bed, something that can be a comfortable sleep plus a small bit of wardrobe space.  I think we can fit that in, if we are clever with our space and design.

I learned we need to fit a watchmaker's bench area onto the shed, so that plus the above will sandwich in the patio space we planned.  It seems time to pull out the measuring tapes this weekend and do a little survey !  Work out what is what.

Meantime, more fun to think about colours.  Inspired by some timbers cut off fallen branches of an old tree.  I liked the moss growth on it when I saw it.  Then when I saw the tidy pile of sawn pieces of it, I knew I had to capture it in a snap !.  Earthy grey brown, charcoal, sepia tones of bark dressed with stunning mosses in verdigris, sea foam, citron, and acid yellows and greens.  A few other pics I took also had some glossy emerald green leaves in them which enhanced the scheme.    This is all I need to take off and start the concept for Phase 2 !

Meantime, backsplash tiling is done by the sink.  Looks great and lovely to have another thing done, crossed off the list.

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