Friday, March 25, 2011

Artwork up

Before heading out on biz travel, we put up a few pieces of artwork.  Makes things look so nice !  Though a bit tricky, because the stone walls are not helpful.  Put the picture hook in the wrong place and it has nothing to hold.  Hit a rock and you may be ok (if it can be drilled into, it will hold well).  Stud finders don't seem to be useful in old stone walls !

Here is a lovely pic of the far wall in kitchen, with my painting Spring Waratahs (thick textured oils on canvas, 90x120 cm) up.  I love how it looks !

Also, kitchen builder Mark Feltus came by yesterday with the new drawer fronts, so they can have the double knobs as per design.  They look great and also practical--I have put pantry and crockery items in these drawers, so some are rather heavy.

More from the road !

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