Thursday, September 16, 2010

Decorative Details Scene in Spain

Before I headed onwards on travel, I got a chance to snap a couple more pretty pictures in Aviles, in the Asturias area of the north of Spain. I don't always photograph gardens, but this one was quite pretty, with nice dark clipped box shrubs, well manicured grass, fountains, and some stunning accents of blooming red flowers that contrast with the greenery. This was a scene outside the hotel where I was staying (these gardens are part of the hotel's grounds, really pretty and you can see why the grounds make up part of the popularity of the hotel as a venue for weddings and events).

Also, I got a great pic of a sculpture on the facade of a local building. Not sure she counts as a cherub, but she is a pretty decoration and sculpture detail on the building.

The weather here has been outstanding. After a rainy Sunday, it has cleared and is a lovely autumn warm sunshine. It has been a pity to sit in the office at times. And, it will be a bit sad to spend all tomorrow in airports and in cabins of planes. But my next work assignment calls me off to Montreal.

More from the next port of call.
(pardon the title's pun, could not help myself !)

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