Sunday, May 16, 2010

Verdigris Rabbit

I began to paint some studies of the verdigris rabbit garden statue. Just small ones in oils, with palette knife and thick brush strokes. Because they are studies, I was experimenting with background colors and techniques.

I did not like a blue I used in the background (but it was on the palette and extra paint, so I gave it a go). Bad idea, competed too much with the verdigris tones. I started to work some lighter contrast background in, but the rest of it will have to wait until another painting session. Or perhaps the rabbit would like to be painted among flowers ? A thought....

Then I did another smaller study of the rabbit, also in oils (there was still oil paint on my palette). I think I will do one more next painting session, and he will be more centred on the small square canvas, so I can paint in some reflections he casts on the polished timber surface he sits on at the moment.

I will do more with the rabbits when I next paint. They are just a start....

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