Saturday, May 1, 2010

Almost Golden

Well, after a hugely busy work week, I finally got to paint a bit. And the golden roses are ALMOST done. I have a few high lights and depth areas to put in tomorrow. But today it got a lot of work. First work on golds, yellows, and orange tones. Plus some white and naples yellow for highlights. I ended the painting session with greens, and deep colors, adding some brighter green highlights on some leaf edges that I quite like.

And yesterday, I happened across some coffee colored roses, cafe au lait color. I think some also call them Julia roses. I bought them and today did a photo shoot with them. They look pale coffee colour, but on close inspection (and on camera) they have deep rose and burgundy shadows and some of them have centres with orange and deep yellow. Just beautiful !

After photographing them, I left them in the vase and put it out in the lounge room. Winston knew there were roses in the house (he has a severe rose grazing habit and I am sure he knew they were here by smell--this bunch is mildly fragrant). He found them and has already had a little taste !

The new roses will be fun to paint too...Just stunning colours.

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