Saturday, April 10, 2010

Signs of Spring

Hello Again, just got back from another work trip overseas. And one of the things I enjoyed along the way was seeing signs of springtime in Northern Hemisphere places that were still chilly, on beginning to emerge from their winter thaw. Well, many of them were. By the end of my travel, I managed to find some nicer weather along the way, here and there.
Here are some market scenes from London (where it was still cold a few weeks ago, maybe not much improved quite yet ?).

And cherry blossoms in Washington DC, where they just happened to be at their peak a few days before Easter and were getting lots of visits from tons of tourists and lookers on enjoying lovely warm weather.

And california poppies and white wisteria yesterday, 85 F or about 29 C in LA, where these were found. In
gardens of a lovely neighbourhood near an organic food cafe called Cheebo's which has a fab kitchen and is worth a stop by if you are around !

Back to autumn at home now, lovely weather though today. around 25 C now, sunny and perfect for laundry after unpacking suitcases.

More soon !

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