Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nearly There--Golden Roses Continued

I spent lots of time with the golden roses painting today. Hours in fact ! And after feeling it went ugly on me, it came back and is improving. I spent time doing detail work and also shadows. In yellow, which is my most not-easy shadow color I think. I made up some color studies for getting some good shadows. IN the end I used mostly Quinacridone Gold, plus Australian red gold (which I had already used before today). Both neutralised with Dioxazine Purple. Quin Gold and Diox Purple are transparent. But with the purple, a little goes a long way ! Takes a very light touch. Both details and shadows are things that take me a lot of concentration. I also had a few corrections to make on the yellow and that is always tough. (Get it too dark and you have to correct with white and start that bit over again ! This has happened a few times on this painting, as always seems to with yellows !)

I work on an area and then when I can't take it any more, move to another...but generally I try to be doing the same sorts of things, because if I get one area moving toward perfection and leave the rest behind, it is tough to go back and bring them up to the same level as the one I paid attention to. This is especially true before stopping...because I know I will be away from painting here in studio this week due to work having me away interstate for a few days. So I need to have a clean stopping point !

Winston (and his mates) will look after this painting until I am back to work on it on Friday. (it is in good paws !)

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