Monday, March 8, 2010

Interiors Colour Book Read

I have just gotten a chance this weekend to read Kevin McCloud's latest book on colour, Colour Now. I really enjoyed this, a great read with some really sophisticated insights to use of colour and also how to put certain colours together for good effect.

The book is organised in palettes, one to a page, with a photo opposite. The photos are rather sophisticated themselves, even subtle and some are very elegant. The colours in the palettes are taken from a collection of colours shown at the back of the book that is also available as a collection of Kevin's colours from Fired Earth (in UK). I have had that paint colour chart for some years and have mapped several of them to my favorite Porter's Paints colours available here. I know I will be reading this again and referring to it. One of my favourite interiors combinations is shown, featuring red and pale blue. There are some really great palettes showing greens. He describes how and what to use as anchor colours. One of the surprises in it is how purple can be a good interior colour scheme anchor colour.

I am going to have to give this some thought, it is an interesting notion. And I have become more interested in certain purple and violet colours lately. I never really have had a super strong purple phase (oh, well maybe a short stage at age 13, but very shortlived). But it is becoming more interesting to me. I think I may do some experimenting with purple hues and see what I can do with them.

If you get a chance and have an interest, do check out the book !

I will be back later this week, have a short Australia based travel jaunt for work tomorrow...see you when I get back !

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