Sunday, January 26, 2014

Learning the New Paint

Happy Australia Day !  A fine day here, and lovely celebrations (with a BBQ  !)

Stopping point today.  The Bluebirds painting
with palette (foreground left) and a board
(foreground right) capturing colour
mixing record
I did not get to work on the Bluebirds painting this week until today….but I did call in at a favourite art supply shop earlier in the week and bought some Water Mixable/Soluble Linseed Oil to use with the water soluble oil paints.  The art shop had a brand from Germany by Lukas.  I also bought some of the Lukas Berlin water mixable oil paints, with a view to compare with the Daniel Smith ones, but hopefully to use the two brands together, so I could extend my colour selection.  I needed Cerulean Blue for better mixing (I already had Ultramarine Blue).  I also bought a light bright green, an Earth Brown, and a very large tube of Titanium White.

I found today's use of the paints to go better than last week.  The modified linseed oil medium was very nice and so were the Lukas paints.  Buttery rich and soft consistency, outstanding colours and texture.  I am really impressed with them.  They worked and mixed beautifully.  I was able to mix the two brands of paints well too.

I made a colour record on a piece of board.  Since I'm still learning my way with the new paints, the colour record is a very good idea.….as I am working on mixing, texture, and colour.  It will make a practical record for future reference and use with these paints.

the blue birds, closer up
Today's session focused on the blue birds, getting the flowers and leaves done in the oils, and adding some detail to the background.  Its all coming along.  I must decide on the words for the big heart.  Decisions,  decisions !

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