Saturday, November 24, 2012

Colour Mixing: Mariner

 It was very hot today, so I had to take refuge inside  and escape the heat of the day.  I had a good play with my clay and chalk paints.  I have a number of items I have been collecting that need to be painted up.  And I did some colour mixing too.  I made a lovely  soft navy blue colour out of a bright blue and a dark charcoal.  I dubbed the new blue 'Mariner.'

Having made a  decent batch of Mariner to get a good colour mix, I had enough to paint several items.  The board backing a new towel rack/hooks for the new shower area.  a small timber milking stool.  A sample board and also a shabby old finial I got for painting colour samples onto.  And a small vintage birdcage.   Most all is waxed and tomorrow will be buffed and soft polished. Except the birdcage, which will get some touch ups before sealing with wax.

I also went to a garage sale today and got some good industrial stuff:  wheels !  Here is a sampling of them.  There are enough to mount three cabinets or tables on wheels.  I cant wait to work out what they should go on !

More colour mixing next post:  from Pistachio to Margarita !

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