Saturday, May 12, 2012


Sometime ago, not quite a year ago, I started painting again, from our new home.  Looking back in my blog, it was in late June.  From then, it took awhile for things to "come right" though.  I had no good space to paint, I ended up with "painter's block"...and was really dissatisfied with works I started then.  In fact, until the end of February this year, on the anniversary of our moving into this house, I thought I had completely lost the ability to enjoy and like my work.

Something happened then, funny to be to the day a year from moving in.  My work turned a corner, or my mind did, or something !  I posted the work I did then, check out One Day post.

So back to last June.  I started a lovely composition, an image inspired by a very old cover from sheet music.  I love old sheet music and have been collecting pieces and books of it awhile.  Sometimes I use the sheet music for collages, or paper art.  I prefer to find names and verses  of songs that have uplifting or positive words, about love, happiness, dancing.  Good affirmations.  And the booklets with pretty covers get kept, at least the covers do.  I have several I would like to use or draw from for some artistic compositions.  See my start on Couleur de Rose, Pinky post.

And so I have been working on Couleur de Rose off and on, probably more off than on though.  In the end, it finally got done, about 2 weeks ago.  Background has been antiqued, like old vintage sheet music covers can be.  But gleeful to report it done.  Now I can work on completing the next composition, inspired by a small vintage valentines card, with bluebirds of happiness and a wreath of blue posies.  When they are done, I will be starting some new abstract work.  More next post !

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