Friday, April 20, 2012

Getting the Hang of It

Completed painting of quinces.
I have been working a lot and also resting up after travels.  Just started some painting again.  Today I went over to Salon Rouge Gallery in Kapunda and I painted some quinces from life that gallery owner Jacqueline Coates had put on the bench top (counter top).  They are beautiful fruit with their characteristic lumpy and uneven shapes, in gorgeous colours of yellow, pale green, golden ochre, and more.  The quinces I painted had stems on them and leaves too.

sketch in thin oils
and gum turps
I painted the quinces from life in oils on canvas and in an alla prima style, (done in a single setting).  It's a good way to get a whole painting done in a day or single painting session.  And it requires you to make decisions and just get on with things.  This is a useful and keeps the painting from being minutely overworked.
the subject

First the composition is put onto the canvas, using some thin oil paint (thinned with pure gum turps).

Then the subject is enhanced and an underpainting done, using brush and thinned oil paints.

When the underpainting is done and the subject now on the canvas, I started working to put thicker oil painting on the canvas, using oil paints and a palette knife.

Its done !  

 I have never painted quinces it was a new subject for me.  Painting in this impasto oils method is something I am beginning to get the hang of.  I am happy with the result though.  Right now it is drying on an easel.  This will take about 2 weeks, then we can find a place to put the new painting.

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