Tuesday, February 14, 2012

St Valentine

In my break between split (early and late) work shifts we got out to have lunch in the lovely Clare Valley, some 105 kms north west of here....and while in the area we went to a small boutique/arthouse sort of cinema in the country Blyth Cinema see a French film My Afternoons with Magueritte. (for a review, follow this link) The movie was good, a lovely story with a surprise ending that was very sweet.  Bit of language practice for me and subtitles for Ian (I read them at times too, while not trying to think or work too too hard this afternoon !).  And we enjoyed the Blyth  Cinema (link with info on this cinema) venue too, set in a former Masonic Hall that has been nicely fitted out as a cinema, something of a unique feature in the small town of 400 (Blyth, SA).

We also looked at a nice vintage/antiques shop.  And, on our way home, we called in at Skillogallee Winery ( http://www.skillogalee.com.au/ )  and tried some of their offerings in the cellar door.  Really lovely wines and we did not agree on our favorites, but marked the ones we liked on their order form for future reference.  We brought a couple home today and will definitely be back for more !

Pookie helped me capture a Valentines Greeting for you.  We had stunning roses from our garden.  He looks lovely on the mantel, he likes being photographed anyhow and is pretty tolerant being posed and fussed over (for a cat).  However, I wanted to get the flowers and the silver letters I have propped up there, plus the little white china birds, AND Pookie all in the shot and arranged just so.  Oh yes, also the painting we have (Hydrangeas by Jacqueline Coates, for more info on her work, see http://www.jacquelinecoates.com/).  If you have ever done a photo shoot with a cat, you may find the following sequence amusing.  And if you haven't...just know this is what it is like getting a cat to pose for a photograph.  Involves some a nice setting, good lighting, a good tempered animal (bonus if it likes being photographed as Pookie does, he is generally rather lovely when the camera is out !).  Plus timing and luck !
Pook, don't move !
Look back over here Pook
( imagine sound of fingers snapping,
trying to get his attention)
Noooo...Come back (please !!)
Let's try again, ears pushed back, look funny
Oops, an awkward pose
(it looked better when you were sitting)
Well Done.  Gorgeous.  Just Purrfect
Happy Valentines Day

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