Saturday, September 24, 2011

Omelettes for Brekkie

Just getting caught back up after another long work travel, and have been off the blog during that time...

We have some clucky neighbours up at the back of the garden, just over the fence.  They were quiet during winter, but spring has them a lot busier (and making more egg-laying noise too).  Monday early morning one of them got loose, we guess it flew over the fence, because we found its gorgeous glossy black-green feathered self wandering around our garden.  Seeming like it was trying to work out how to get back home.  Eventually our neighbour Amanda heard us trying to catch it to send it back over the fence...and she came over and helped catch hold of it, after we had a few rounds following/chasing it through the garden, trying to channel and corner it into an area where it could be easily grabbed.

This one is a stunning character, a silkie chicken.  There is a beigey sort like this, and also this white one in the mix next door.  It looks so exotic among this group, and very cute in its own way, with grey beak and vivid blue wattley jowls.  Last week, Amanda brought us a dozen gorgeous eggs, saying the girls have been busy lately, laying well over a dozen eggs each day lately.  I was delighted to see some pale green eggs in this box too !

Looking like omelettes on the brekkie menu tomorrow.

And here, a more serious animal.  Seen on recent travels (at Reno/Tahoe International Airport in USA).  Amazingly lifelike in presentation with impressive paws, pose and even whiskers.  Though no longer very dangerous as seen in this scenario.

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