Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Big Watertank

It's finally just past mid winter and each day our days get 2 and a bit minutes longer, or something like that.  Occasionally we get a brilliant clear day when a walk takes me by vineyards recently pruned and everything is bright green after a lot of rain.  But other than those moments, it has often been chilly and we would like to hibernate indoors all the time.  But this year, it is not to be.  First, we decided to get things out of storage, to reduce some outgoings (fees for the ongoing storage).  Because we moved from a bigger house and also did not have time to get rid of everything before moving, there was a lot delivered.  The container was not quite full, but had enough in there that we quickly became a bit overrun.

A trip to a local vintage store that sells consigned items got a few things out of here, including a 1928 vintage kooka stove we haven't got room to keep.  We have learned has already sold, soon going to its new owner.  Then a few days later we had a pick up of a number of items we donated to charity, and it felt nice to see they were happy with the items we donated, feeling sure they would go to good use.   So some good decluttering flow we have a Garage Sale to do this Saturday and a number of weeks worth of eBay campaigns.   At that point, the decluttering will be more manageable, but we still do have to work out a few things.  Some longer term store items have gone into the rafter in-rooftop storage in Ian's shed.  But we needed more space.

We have been contemplating a garden shed for a while.  But had not actually started that or bought one.  It was clear we need a place to stow the mower, garden things, and some building supply items, plus the bikes.  But where to put it ?

Turns out one of our 4 humongous watertanks is empty.  So the idea is, put a garden shed in its place.  Of course, it is not the tank at either end, it is one of the middle ones.  Ian thinks it used to be down by the house.  So he removed it, and tied off the pipes from the others, as he will redo the pipeworks in a way he likes (and that is not running in front of the new shed).  The watertanks are Big, Really Really Big.  3 metres diameter big and Ian has calculated they each hold 13,000 litres of water.  Given the size, we got a 3 metre square shed kit to build in the empty space.
The unassembled shed kit

Shopping for a new Dining Table, in a Salvage Yard

So our project and adventure continues.  The concrete base for the shed is being poured/laid today.   We have been out looking at salvage timbers, which will be used for a new Dining Table Ian will make.  And we have been doing some gardening.  Planting some bare root roses and also some fruit trees.  A nectarine, two varieties of lemon, and a dwarf pink lady apple called Pinkabelle.  Along with the mulberry tree and hope the transplanted plum tree makes it, plus an orange in the front yard we hope for a miniature garden orchard.  Joining these are some table grapes, blackberry, and raspberry vines.  I am already cutting out recipes to make things with the fruit.  And dreaming of warmer days :)

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