Friday, June 17, 2011

Old Mantel

Firebox and fascia plate
We have been looking for a suitable mantel to put up around our firebox.  This  has taken some time, we had to find a mantel with inside (hole) dimensions wide enough to fit around the fire box, which is not perfectly flush and door needs to be able to open freely.  Also, the outer width of the mantel should be less than the total width of the outer fireplace column dimensions itself.  The firebox has been the harder dimension to fit around.  So we have a matte black metal fascia plate fit around the firebox, covering the bit of hole above the fit inside.
firebox enjoyed by Pook & Maggs
But this is not so aesthetically pleasing.  And we also did not want to finish the mouldings to the side of the firebox until we have a fireplace mantel to put in place.  So things do not look finished.  (After awhile you kind of look beyond that, but time to time, you think, we really should just finish this off properly).

old mantel, before entering the workshop
This weekend we happened upon a great fireplace mantel, shabby timber, some very nice corbel details on each side.  After looking it over, we decided to go measure up at home and decide whether it would work. We measured up, popped the long tape measure in the pocket, and went back to take a closer look.

corbel detail on old mantel
Ian gave it a very good inspection (he does that).  It had a timber repair where some old timber was rotted away.  The repair was not really in good order, so we know this will need to be fixed properly.  Measurement wise, it will need 10 mm off the inside measurement width to fit around the firebox.  The width of the mantel itself is a perfect fit.  The top shelf will need to be cut down so it does not stick out wider than the fireplace brick surround.  Ian will do this and radius the corners, exactly as they are now.

Pookie poses on mantel in Hornsby Hts
The mantel will be fit in place when it is restored, trimmed to size, filled, and sanded.  Then it will get a coat of warm white glossy paint, to match the trims and doors in the room.  Before and after pics to be posted when the after-state is done !

The shelf is wide enough to allow one or two cats to perch atop it.  (we know from experience in our previous home that this offer will be pursued with enthusiasm).

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