Sunday, January 30, 2011

Colour Relief

Hi All, I have been away on business travel  and now back to summer...while I was gone Ian made huge progress on things at the House.  There is still heaps to do and get done before we can move in at end of February.  But on my return, Ian let me know we are ready to paint !

I bought most of the paint before leaving, And Ian has started first on the Lounge (Living) Room.  The pale pink ceiling had to be done over in a ceiling white, which I had tinted to warm up the standard stark white of ceiling paints.  It looked great and was a relief to have a white ceiling instead of pink.

Then Ian started cutting in and rolling on the wall paint.  Icelandic Stone, (Porter's Paints, in a flat finish) and it looks fabulous !

Yesterday I did the first of two coats on the trims which are Antique White USA (Dulux Aquanamel, gloss finish).

Wow, what a relief.  The liver pink is painted over and gone.  Baby pink ceilings are gone.  The horrible peach trim is mostly gone (a few baseboards need sanding first).  See a bit of before vs after here !  Our work this week is slowed a bit by very hot weather.  But when it cools down next week we will be working to get the painting done faster.  Ian has to do the rooms with high ceilings and walls.  I will be able to do the rest.

The house looks very nice in its new colour scheme.  Stay tuned for more.

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