Friday, December 31, 2010

Stampede to New Year 2011

Hi Out There...still on vacation with family this end of year, and it is getting pretty chilled here in mountainous Nevada !

Since I knew I would be traveling to the US, I acquired a small, new collection of vintage items (sold on ebay in USA) for the house under renovation.  When we moved a lot of things moved on and more to go...but I indulged in this new collection for our life in the country !  A small herd of vintage cow creamers.  Well, at least one is not a cow...unusual to find a steer creamer, but now I have one...  They will reside in the new kitchen and will join two that are already waiting at the Campsite in South Australia.  There are some really excellent ones in this small collection--they look really great.  This orange dot one is especially cute !  A few are good sized too.  I may even nominate one or two to do occasional brekkie service too ;)

Hope everyone finding and reading this enjoys a great celebration and calls in 2011 in the very best style and form.  More renovation and art posts in 2011 !!

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